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Orlando Success Stories

“There’s so much to do here. So many places to eat, so many places to entertain. Family that never came to visit you, will when you live in Orlando. That’s what made...”

- Angie Brown

“I cook all over the world but this is just such a neat place to be. Orlando is so rad!”

- Emily Ellyn

Retro Rad Chef, Food Network

“Everyone in Central Florida is very, very welcoming.”

- Bert Gyselinkx

VP & General Manager, imec

“Orlando is the epicenter, for the whole world, in simulation and training. And that's pretty exciting.”

- David Metcalf

Director of the METIL Lab, University of Central Florida

“When it comes to schools, church and community, there are lots of different offerings here in Central Florida.”

- Matt Barnhart

Junior Team Tennis Manager, United States Tennis Association (USTA)

“To stay in Central Florida is the best decision I ever made.”

- Diedra Toye

CEO, Aerostar Training Services

“This community has really welcomed me. It’s filled with so many smart people who are making it their goal to make Orlando the place to be, and it’s been really cool being...”

- Nico Gentry

Manufacturing Engineer, Luminar Technologies