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A Garden District To Put Down Roots

Inside this deceptively sleepy and subtly chic national Main Street award-winning ecodistrict, towering oak tree-lined streets are framed by mid-century modern homes that surround a busy hive of vintage retail, farm-to-table food and hip night life hangouts. Developed in the 1950 and ’60s, for decades the area catered to nearby Orlando Air Force Base and then later the Naval Training Center Orlando. Since then, the Audubon Park Garden District has blossomed into a thriving community of unique businesses and seemingly endless events and activities.

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Walk Score: 60

Commute Time: 15-35 min to downtown Orlando, 25-55 min to Orlando International Airport

Top Nearby Schools: Audubon Park School K-8, Glenridge Middle School, Colonial High School

Nearby Neighborhoods: Baldwin Park, Mills 50

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